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denied a smile

I miss my smile started this conversation

I am in desperate need of dental implants.  I have around $500 dollars saved , but that will not even cover close to half of the costs of the procedure.  I am a single mother of two.  After the birth of my second daughter,  my teeth began to severly weaken.  I am a dentical recipient which makes me inelgible for the services that are needed to save my teeth.  As a result of this I am missing 2 teeth.   I was always told throuout my life that I had a beautiful smile.  Not anymore.  I am so ashamed of the missing teeth.  My oldest daughter says "Close your mouth mom!" if my smile reveals my missing teeth.  I would appreciate any help that could be offered, and also any advise of where I might attain this assistance. I am in CA.  God Bless

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